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 GM Application~ iRawwrDarren [DENIED]

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PostSubject: GM Application~ iRawwrDarren [DENIED]   Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:19 am

I didnt know where else to post this so i guess this place made the most sense. Ill get to the chase.

Real Name (Optional): Darren Huang
Forum name: iRawwrDarren
In-Game name:Soul
Names people can call you: Darren, Soul, or Goodnight
Age: 16
Date of birth (Optional): (You can choose for your self wether it is M/D/Y or D/M/Y) 12/24/1993
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time, GMT-5:00
Country / State: Currently Residing in New York City, United States of America
E-mail (Optional):
What language(s) do you speak/write?:English and a little bit of Mandarin for outside players
Which job you want to apply for: (GM/FM/Dev/GFXA/Admin) GM
Why do you want to apply for the job: Well i have been playing gunz for about 2 years now. Darkgunz, Eurogunz, and Ijji. Also i have a grudge about people playing unfairly such as Hacking,Spamming, and others. So the pleasure of me banning them would be just great.
Previous experience with the job: (Any proof, example: server you worked for) None
Proof / Examples: (Only need-ed for Dev's/Gfx Artists)
How much can you be online in-game per day: School Days around 7 hours, Weekends 12 or more, and Summer 24/7 if approved
How much can you be online on MSN / YM / AOL / Vent / Skype etc. per day: Everyday
About yourself: I dont have a lot of experience in being a GM but im hoping to gain some experience from doing this.
Your last words: Hope you Accept Me (:
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PostSubject: Re: GM Application~ iRawwrDarren [DENIED]   Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:29 am

Read RULES first. -Denied-
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GM Application~ iRawwrDarren [DENIED]
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